2022 Fair Updates

These are late breaking updates and clarifications to the Health & Safety Policies, Event Terms and Conditions, booking arrangements that all stall-holders, entertainers, suppliers have to be aware of and comply with [Latest at the top]:

  1. March 2022 – Pitch Allocation letters EMAILED out to stall-holders.  We had a few teething problems this year – sorry if you got multiple emails.
  2. March 2022 – Majority of Health & Safety documents updated including Risk Assessment pro-forma
  3. March 2022 – There’s a completely NEW layout for the Memorial Gardens – see Memorial Gardens Stall Layout
  4. Feb 2022 – We’ve updated the web-site to show only those stalls that have returned their booking form and have paid their fee(s).  So if your stall is not showing send the form & fees in!
  5. September 2021 – Event Health & Safety Policy, Event Terms and Conditions updated.  Supplemental Event Terms and Conditions added.
  6. August 2021 – 2022 Fair currently planned to be going ahead but see the FAQs below


Stall Holder Refunds

We understand that it is not easy to secure a stall at the Cuckoo Fair, which is why we would like to offer all stallholders who had carried over their booking fee from 2020 the chance to roll their booking over again to secure  a stall in 2022.

As stated in our Terms and Conditions, we wouldn’t normally offer a refund if the Fair is cancelled, but given such likely difficult times ahead we would like to offer a refund to those who would prefer it, minus a £10 admin fee which will contribute to covering the costs we have incurred already this year.

To request a refund please follow the instructions in the email you have received.

This option will remain available until the end of April 2021

We aim to process refunds within a week of receiving them.  Typically refunds are delayed if your bank details are incorrect so please check them especially the name of the account.  These checks are being introduced by UK banks to help reduce online payment frauds.  There is a phased introduction throughout 2020 – for details see this article from the UK Finance and this article from Which?

The payments have a reference DCF xxx RFND with xxx being your stall holder reference (not location of the your pitch) as printed on the letter from us.

Having cancelled the 2020 fair we unfortunately also had to cancel the 2021 fair.  In terms of our funding situation the 2020 financial year incurred costs of £7,400 and the 2021 financial year will incur (fixed) costs of around £3,000.  Taken together these have a large impact on the reserves we hold – reserves we need to pay our suppliers in the event of a last minute or emergency cancellation (eg Southampton Boat Show).

The £10 admin fee for each stall holder booking refund is noted in our terms and conditions and will help to cover some of the annual costs like insurance, rental and legal fees, that we have to pay regardless of whether the fair happens.

Our current understanding of government guidance is that unlike other businesses we have no employees (we are entirely volunteer supported), pay no rates, trade only once a year and so don’t qualify for any of the existing support schemes under COVID-19.  Like other business who provide outdoor events we are working with trade organisations, eg the Events Industry Forum, to redress that but at the moment it appears we don’t qualify for any grants.

This admin fee money will therefore go towards ensuring that the Fair can happen in 2022 and we thank you for your understanding.

Policies, Terms and Conditions

We have updated our Health and Safety policies and the associated regulations, terms and conditions.  NB the latest versions will always be on the web site.

These documents use a generic term ‘Merchant’ this is defined as everyone who has a stall, provides entertainment or provides a service to the Downton Cuckoo Fair ie all contractors, stallholders, entertainers, produce market, fairground operators, caterers and other participants.

Downton Cuckoo Fair Limited Company Health & Safety Policy [Last updated Nov 2019]

Downton Cuckoo Fair Event Health and Safety Policy [Last updated March 2022]

Downton Cuckoo Fair Event Terms and Conditions [Last updated March 2022]

Downton Cuckoo Fair Event Supplemental Terms and Conditions [Last updated March 2022]

Downton Cuckoo Fair Event Health & Safety Checklist [Last updated March 2022]

Downton Cuckoo Fair Event Health & Safety Risk Assessment pro-forma [Added March 2022]

By placing a booking all merchants agree to our terms and conditions.

What Documentation Do I Need?

Whether you come to fair as a food stall, bar, non-food stall, charity or club/society, you are operating as a legitimate business and as such have to comply with current legislation.  Regardless of whether or not you are selling a product or service to the public, you will need documentation in place, some of which will be requested in advance of the Fair. To include, but not exclusively:

  • Public and Employers Liability Insurance Certificates.  See Terms and Conditions for details of limits.
  • Health & Safety Documentation (Policies, Risk Assessments including COVID-19 Risk Assessment and if required a Fire Risk Assessment, Training Records etc.)
  • PAT Test Certification
  • Gas Safety Certificates (where applicable)
  • Written Scheme of Examination for all pressurized Systems (including coffee machines)
  • Food Safety Management System (Safer food, better business – SFBB, The Nationwide Caterers Association – NCASS, COOKSAFE or similar)
  • Food Hygiene Training Certificate (food handlers only)
  • Food traders, crew caterers and bars MUST be registered with a Local Authority.

If you’re a volunteer organisation or a charity group then have a look at https://www.food.gov.uk/safety-hygiene/providing-food-at-community-and-charity-events

Produce Market & Stall Details

Type Size Cost Notes – see Site Layout for Locations
Traditional Outside 2.5m by 2.5m £70 Located in green, blue and purple zones and will fit a gazebo up to 2.5m
Maxi Outside 3m by 3m £87 Located in orange, green, yellow and purple zones and will fit a gazebo up to 3m
Marquee 3m wide x 2.5m deep £140 Located in Red and Purple Zones
Produce Market 3m by 3m £87 Only available in Produce Market
Memorial Gardens 3m by 3m POA Other sizes by prior agreement
Commercial operators including Catering As agreed POA Limited spaces available
Additional Items
Trestle tables £6 each Please specify numbers on booking form.
Stall holders are responsible for collection and especially stacking the tables by the roadside at the end of the fair

The Zones run (from The Bull Hotel (A338) end as follows: Orange | Green | Blue | Yellow | Red | White (& Produce) | Purple.  Only Red and Purple zones have marquees.  Blue zone is narrow hence no 3m x 3m gazebos are permitted.


Last years stallholders receive priority booking.   As a guide our schedule, reflecting that our booking year runs from October through to March before the Fair,  is:

Finish all payments and receipts for this year’s fair END JULY
Have accounts produced END SEPT
Agree rates for pitches for next fair OCT
Send out invitations to previous stallholders Early NOV
Process the existing stall holders bookings Mid NOV through to END DEC
Send out invites to new stall holders JAN onwards

Commercial caterers are severely restricted as we prioritise fundraisers for local good causes.

EXISTING Stall holder Queries

If you’ve been sent an invitation or a confirmation letter and you have a question then please see our form to contact the Booking Managers directly.  This will be quicker than using Facebook / Twitter comments as it goes direct to the Booking Manager(s).  We are all volunteers so we don’t monitor our social media regularly!

NEW Stall holder Expressions of Interest

New applicants are welcome, however, we already have a waiting list.  Rural craft demonstrators are particularly welcome.  Those applicants who compliment the large selection of existing stalls will be contacted in the new year.  NB We do not accept telephone applications.

If you would like to be considered to be invited to have a pitch at the Fair, please  complete this form with the information.

    Or contact our Booking Manager, Alan Knighton, via bookings@cuckoofair.co.uk