2020 Fair Updates

These are late breaking updates and clarifications to the Health & Safety Policies, Event Terms and Conditions, booking arrangements that all stall-holders, entertainers, suppliers have to be aware of and comply with [Latest at the top]:

  1. March 2020 – Fair cancelled please see our home page
  2. March 2020 – updates to Terms and Conditions and associated Checklist
  3. Dec 2019 – we have added menu options under ‘Booking & Suppliers’ to highlight stalls that have had their invitations sent, those who have returned their applications and documents.  Nearer the fair we hope to add entries for stall holders who have provided certificates/licences and then finally the confirmed pitches.
  4. We have introduced an automated system to manage our bookings – the days of paper are over!  This means that stall holders, caterers etc will receive their information packs in early November BY EMAIL
  5. We have significantly updated our Terms and Conditions
  6. We are introducing a Health & Safety Checklist to help stall-holders, entertainers, produce market, caterers and suppliers prepare for the Fair – see “Policies, Terms and Conditions” section below.

Policies, Terms and Conditions

We have updated our Health and Safety policies and the associated regulations, terms and conditions.  NB the latest versions will always be on the web site.

These documents use a generic term ‘Merchant’ this is defined as everyone who has a stall, provides entertainment or provides a service to the Downton Cuckoo Fair ie all
contractors, stallholders, entertainers, produce market, fairground operators, caterers and other participants.

Downton Cuckoo Fair Limited Company Health & Safety Policy [Last updated Nov 2019]

Downton Cuckoo Fair Event Health and Safety Policy [Last updated Nov 2019]

Downton Cuckoo Fair Event Terms and Conditions [Last updated March 2020]

Downton Cuckoo Fair Event Health & Safety Checklist [New 2020 – March 2020]

All merchants must agree to our terms and conditions.

Produce Market & Stall Details

Type Size Cost Notes – see Site Layout for Locations
Traditional Outside 2.5m by 2.5m TBC Located in green, blue and purple zones and will fit a gazebo up to 2.5m
Maxi Outside 3m by 3m TBC Located in orange, green, yellow and purple zones and will fit a gazebo up to 3m
Marquee 3m wide x 2.5m deep TBC Located in Red and Purple Zones
Produce Market 3m by 3m TBC Only available in Produce Market
Memorial Gardens 3m by 3m TBC Other sizes by prior agreement
Commercial Catering TBC Limited spaces available
Additional Items
Trestle tables £6 each Please specify numbers on booking form.
Stall holders are responsible for collection and especially stacking the tables by the roadside at the end of the fair


Last years stallholders receive priority booking.   As a guide our schedule, reflecting that our booking year runs from October through to March before the Fair,  is:

Finish all payments and receipts for this year’s fair END JULY
Have accounts produced END SEPT
Agree rates for pitches for next fair  OCT
Send out invitations to previous stallholders Early NOV
Process the existing stall holders bookings Mid NOV through to END DEC
Send out invites to new stall holders JAN onwards

Commercial caterers are severely restricted as we prioritise fundraisers for local good causes.

Booking related Queries – please see our form to contact the Booking Managers directly.  This will be quicker than using Facebook / Twitter comments as it goes direct to the Booking Manager(s).

Stall holder Expressions of Interest

New applicants are welcome, however, we already have a waiting list.  Rural craft demonstrators are particularly welcome.  Those applicants who compliment the large selection of existing stalls will be contacted in the new year.  NB We do not accept telephone applications.

If you would like to be considered to be invited to have a pitch at the Fair, please  complete this form with the information.

    Or contact our Booking Manager, Alan Knighton, via bookings@cuckoofair.co.uk

    Getting to the Fair

    Please have a look at our maps on how to get the Fair.

    We have dedicated car parks for your use – in case of emergency please ensure that you leave your on-the-day contact details displayed in your vehicle.

    Please note that if you intend to leave the fair early then you’ll need to park in one of the public car parks – please discuss your requirements with Bookings / Entertainment Managers BEFORE the Fair.

    Setting up at the Fair

    To help you orientate yourself here’s an overview of how the stall are laid out for the Borough Greens.  The Produce Market has its own layout and the Memorial Gardens / Fairground are laid out as directed by the Steward.

    The numbers are the start and end stall numbers.  Basically numbers 1 to around 30 are on the side nearest the through B road, numbers 50+ are on the side nearest the houses and they increase as you head towards The Bull Hotel / A338.

    The Bull Hotel / A338 end – road closed at 0830

    Access Road - mind the ramps
    ...ZONE...Car Park>>
    Access Road - mind the ramps
    ...GREEN ZONE...
    Access Road - mind the ramps
    Access Road - mind the rampsMemorial Gardens Entrance>>
    ...YELLOW ZONE...
    Access Road - mind the ramps
    << to Stall Holder Car parkSouth Lane
    << Produce MarketWHITE ZONE...ROAD
    Access Road - mind the ramps
    Green Lane / Access Road - mind the ramps

    The New Forest end – road closed at 0830