Produce Market & Stall Details

Type Size Cost Notes – see Site Layout for Locations
Traditional Outside 2.5m by 2.5m TBC Located in green, blue and purple zones and will fit a gazebo up to 2.5m
Maxi Outside 3m by 3m TBC Located in orange, green, yellow and purple zones and will fit a gazebo up to 3m
Marquee 3m wide x 2.5m deep TBC Located in Red and Purple Zones
Produce Market 3m by 3m TBC Only available in Produce Market
Memorial Gardens 3m by 3m TBC Other sizes by prior agreement
Commercial Catering TBC Limited spaces available
Additional Items
Trestle tables £6 each Please specify numbers on booking form.
Stall holders are responsible for collection and especially stacking the tables by the roadside at the end of the fair


Last years stallholders receive priority booking.  New applicants are welcome, however, we already have a long waiting list.  Rural craft demonstrators are particularly welcome.  Those applicants who compliment the large selection of existing crafts will be contacted in the new year.

Application forms are sent to those exhibitors we would like to invite back in November, and must be returned by the end of the year to guarantee a place.

Commercial caterers are severely restricted as we prioritise fundraisers for local good causes.

Policies and Terms and Conditions


These apply to everyone who has a stall, provides entertainment or provides a service to us.  We have updated our Health and Safety policies and the booking terms and conditions.  NB the latest versions will always be on the web site.

Downton Cuckoo Fair Limited Company Health & Safety Policy [Last updated Oct 2018]

Downton Cuckoo Fair Event Health and Safety Policy [Last updated March 2019]

Downton Cuckoo Fair Event Booking Terms and Conditions [Last updated March 2019]

All stallholders and suppliers MUST hold their own Public Liability Insurance – proof will be required.  In addition, all stallholders selling alcohol must hold appropriate licences.  All stallholders must agree to our terms and conditions.

2019 Fair Updates

These are late breaking updates and clarifications to the Health & Safety Policies, Event Terms and Conditions that all stall-holders, entertainers, suppliers have to be aware of and comply with:

  1. Following revised guidance from the Events Industry forum and their Purple Guide as backed by the HSE all stall holders must bring fire fighting equipment appropriate for the fire risk of their stall/equipment.  WHY?  So if there’s a small fire it can be put out quickly minimising damage to your stall and stock/equipment
  2. High risk stall holders eg those with helium, gensets, propane cooking etc shall continue with fire fighting equipment as per previous years.  Although note this may change for the 2020 fair.
  3. Those with manned/large trailers etc that are positioned on grass must bring boards to go under all wheels of sufficient size to prevent sinkage.  There maybe a tow-out charge if your trailer gets stuck and you did not bring any boards!
  4. Our insurers require a minimum of £2M PLI, organisations running high risk activities such as multi-rides, fairground rides or inflatables will require a minimum limit of £5 million for Public Liability.
  5. Please be on-site and setting up before 0830 otherwise your stall space may be forfeit, remember all vehicles must be in the car parks by 0900.
  6. Please leave your on-the-day emergency contact details on the your vehicle’s dashboard when using car parks – WHY?  So if there’s a fire we know who to ring to get your car moved
  7. We have setup a new web site with an enhanced directory listing of the information about your stall.  The information is a merger of what was on the old website and any updates you provided on the weblink form.  Please have a look at  If you wish to make any changes then please complete this form.  NB we’ll only accept updates from the email registered with the stall on your booking form.
  8. Also note that the layouts of the zones shown on the web-site are indicative only.  The definitive allocation is as detailed in your booking confirmation letter.
  9. We are finding a number of other companies are copying our details and creating entries about the Cuckoo Fair on their own digital media (website, facebook, twitter etc).  A couple of reminders – all material on this web site, social media etc is trademark and copyright as is the our logo and name.  Also, in event of an emergency we will use our digital media to provide important updates about the situation to the wider public.  We ask that instead of copying our material that you link to the web site, facebook, twitter feeds.  As volunteers we’re are finding our way!  For example, we’ll now accept co-host requests for Facebook Events.

Getting to the Fair

Please have a look at our maps on how to get the Fair.

We have dedicated car parks for your use – in case of emergency please ensure that you leave your on-the-day contact details displayed in your vehicle.

Please note that if you intend to leave the fair early then you’ll need to park in one of the public car parks – please discuss your requirements with Bookings / Entertainment Managers BEFORE the Fair.