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Access Road
Not UsedW25 - Woodlands Flowers
74 - Heritage Fruit Tree Company
A24 - Woodlands Flowers
73 - Dragonfly Totnes
L23 - Charlton Orchards
72 - Dragonfly Totnes
K22 - Charlton Orchards
71 - Jane Elizabeth Confectionery
21 - The Mixing Bowl
70 - Jane Elizabeth Confectionery
W20 - The Mixing Bowl
69 - The Shore and More
A19 - Toffoc
68 - The Kiln and I
Y18 - Wiltshire Wildlife Trust
67 - Icon HardwareWalk WayROAD
66 - Icon HardwareW16 - Springfield Dressing
65 - Pig 'n' Pickles
A15 - Quince Collection
Walk WayL14 - Buttercups and Bobbins
63 - Cyril's Soap ShedK13 - Exeter House School
62 - AGM Promotions
12 - Lynette Silver
61 - AGM Promotions
W11 - Fischer Minerals Limited
60 - Fordingbridge Rotary Club
A10 - Fischer Minerals Limited
59 - Lisa's Gems
Y9 - Prestige Pillows
58 - Lisa's Gems
8 - Prestige Pillows
Walk WayWWalk Way
56 - 1066 Creations
A6 - Faye Benjamin Jewellery
55 - Gourmet Nuts and Fudge
L5 - Jade Plants & Garden Sundries
54 - White Whisker & Ginger
K4 - Jade Plants & Garden Sundries
53 - A.J. Jewellery (Barry's Silver Jewellery)
3 - St Edmonds Pottery
52 - Tandaisia
W2 - Jocose Lino Prints
51 - Tandaisia
A1 - KCCrystals (Kathy Creates)
50 - (Tandaisia)YNot Used
Access Road

To the Yellow Zone / centre of the Fair / Information Centre / Maypole

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Unique ornaments for your house and garden designed and made by me, Simon Jamesom. Gargoyles Green men plaques hares Lewis island chess pieces and many other outdoor statues.
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 56
Bringing innovative and exclusive products direct to the public.
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 61 & 62
Kokddama plants & Himmeli with air plants or
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 14
A family run fruit farm who operate a plant nursery during the spring and summer specialising in a wide range of fruit trees & bushes kitchen garden and allotment plants. All produced at Orchard Nursery near Taunton
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 22 & 23
Hand made natural goats milk soaps using the milk from our own goat herd. Fragranced using only pure essential oils and using herb and root powders for colour and texture.
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 63
Jungle shoes - hill tribe sandals
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 72 & 73
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 13
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 06
We offer a wide range of specimens large and small. Estestic specimens and stones natural and polished. A choice of attractive natural stone pottery in various colours and sizes and a range of natural jewellery. Natural and polished crystals also available. Items for all ages and pockets from
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 10 & 11
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 60
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 55
Locally hand grafted heritage apple trees. Rare and unusual varieties. Including Wiltshire hardy outdoor grown with no chemicals or pesticides. Container grown plants all year round. From dwarf 5-6ft trees to full size. Can grow in pots or borders or make a mini-orchard with dwarf M27/M9. Fruit tree bushes soft fruit pruning saws & secateurs crafting & budding equipment. Advice on all aspects of fruit tree growing consultancy site visits orchard planting & plans provided.
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 74
Professional and diy tools cutlery and hardware including garden tools and associated products. Over 50 years trading - business established 1968. Born and educated in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Quality at the right price.
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 66 & 67
Garden sundries and birdcare. Mrs Darlington Preserves / Dorset Honey. Plant Supports (Leander)
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 04 & 05
Traditional toffee & fudge
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 70 & 71
I am a Salisbury artist who after several years of teaching has managed to find time to rediscover my love of making and creating.

Each of my prints are developed from an original hand drawn sketch which is cut into lino by hand. I then use a roller to spread oil paint across the lino before carefully positioning it into my vintage mangle press. After adjusting the pressure and positioning; the lino - along with the paper - are gently fed through. Depending on the print this process may be repeated after allowing the layer of paint to dry for a couple of days. Each time removing a little more of the lino.

Please get in touch and let me know what you think. I also do commissions -
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 2
Kathy creates silver and silver plated semi-precious jewellery that is all designed and made by Kathy herself.
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 01
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 58 & 59
I handcraft sterling silver sandcast jewelley shells acorns seed pods etc.
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 12
Artisan producer of home made chutneys pickles & preserves using fresh locally sourced ingredients wherever possible..
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 65
Silk filled pillows
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 08 & 09
Hand crafted jewellery
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 15
Springfield Dressing offers a quality & versatile range of dressings / marinades at an affordable price. All our dressings can be used as salad dressings as marinades or as base ingredients for other exciting dishes. We are a small family business based in the Chalke Valley near Salisbury.
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 16
A collection of unqiue handmade tableware with a fresh take on blue and white pottery. Happy on the table and in the dishwasher and microwave
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 3
Hand painted crockery with a football theme
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 50 & 51 & 52
Hand made fused glass pictures & hangings with a coastal and country theme
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 68
Jams pickles marmalade & curds
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 20 & 21
Original unique designs hand made with mixed media - photography ceramics sea glass driftwood with a mainly coastal theme.
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 69
Toffee vodka Lancashire cheese bombs
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 19
Button Pictures Cards & Boxes
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 54
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 18
Rural bygones including Kitchenalia garden and agricultural items locally sourced and restored
Zone: Blue
Stall Number: 24 & 25

Interactive Map of the Fair   |   see the A to Z list of stalls    |    3D Layout and Facilities of the Fair