What factors do you consider?

We consider many factors using the government’s COVID guidance and associated risk templates.  As a large, outdoor, un-ticketed, free-to-enter event for us the key ones include:

  • Being an un-ticketed event means we can’t record stall holders/visitor details and so don’t know who is attending (eg for track and trace or to confirm vaccination status)
  • Being an event with multiple entry points means we can’t control visitor numbers (eg to help ensure social distancing)
  • Being a free event limits our ability to raise funds to provide the additional COVID precautions
  • Being free means a last minute cancellation incurs all the costs with no on-the-day income eg car parks, which would hit us hard financially
  • We feature live entertainment at several venues, where it would be difficult to setup the required 2m bubbles.
  • There are also many other organisations who run their own events eg pubs, schools, churches etc
  • Our stall layout is constrained by the size of the greens which could increase crowding and hinder stall holders/visitor compliance to social distancing/mask wearing
  • The fair is held in the middle of a village and having 20k visitors would significantly increase the risk of bringing COVID to a low incidence area.
  • The timing of the fair early in 2022 means there is little time, following the winter, for the pandemic to reduce.